Mounting self–aligning ball bearings - 25mm - 55mm
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SKF Bearing Lock Nut Spanner TMHN 7 series

The TMHN 7 set of lock nut spanners is especially designed for mounting self–aligning ball bearings and small spherical roller and CARB® bearings on tapered seatings. Using the TMHN 7 minimises the risk of over–tightening of the lock nut, which can result in removing the bearings radial clearance and bearing damage.

Features & Benefits

7 different spanners to fit nut sizes 5 to 11
Each spanner equipped with a protractor and clearly marked with the correct tightening angle
4 grip points on each spanner providing better grip on the nut
Reduced risk of over-tightening
Suitable for use with the KM series lock nuts on the shaft or in the SNL housing
Dimensions of case: 345 x 255 x 85 mm (13.6 x 10.0 x 3.3 in.)
Weight: 2.2 kg (4.7 lb)


Bearing Mounting, Dismounting and Inspection Tools

Bearing tools help maintain maximum bearing service life and help to optimise machine performance. In addition, bearing tools contribute to the overall safety and performance of a system. A range of bearing tools are available from SKF that include bearing pullers, bearing mounting and dismounting tools, bearing heaters, manual and automatic bearing lubricators, inspection equipment including bearing electrical discharge detectors, stroboscopes, alignment tools, protection blankets, infrared thermometers, and shim kits. Certain bearing tools are available in kit form.

Set TypeLock Nut Spanner Set
Sizes in Set5 HNM, 6 HNM, 7 HNM, 8 HNM, 9 HNM, 10 HNM, 11 HNM
Number of Pieces7

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